Morocco birds trip report 21st - 28th november 2008

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Souss Massa

After only exploring a small section of Souss Massa, I was keen to make a return journey. My wife was very understanding and was willing to go back. On the way back from our trip to Tamri we met a birder who told us about his trip to Souss Massa. He mentioned seeing 40 Bald Ibis and said that he got there from the village of Massa. I was keen to find this other route so drove past the Sidi Rbat turning and headed for Massa. After twenty minutes of driving around it started to dawn on me that the birder was in fact a stringer and checking Google Earth on my return confirmed this. It cost me an hours birding but fortunately I still scored my target birds of flamingo and tchagra. Thanks to James Packer for the id of the False Batton Blue butterfly Pseudophilotes abencerragus The butterfly at the bottom of the page I now believe to be a Speckled Wood of race Pararge aegeria.

False Batton Blue butterfly


southern grey shrike

Speckled Wood pararge aegeria

laughing dove

moroccon magpie

black-crowned tchagra

black-crowned tchagra