Birds of Charente, France 19th to 27th July 2008

Some photos and brief commentary of my non-birding trip to the Charente.

Turtle Doves could be seen and heard often.

Skipper sp. butterfly

Few Serins recorded. This one was at Il de Re.

Red-backed Shrikes were few and far between. I found 2 pairs in the same field with juveniles.

Fish in the lake at Brantome.

Fan-tailed Warblers could be heard frequently even on the Brittany coast. A bird either overlooked or doesn't like crossing water into Britain

A large group of Corn Buntings were present not far from the hamlet where I was staying

Blue butterfly sp.

Banded Demoiselles were common at Brantome.

Lizard sp.

Beetle sp.

White Wagtail widespread but always in small numbers.


Hoopoe in my parents garden.

Hoopoe present for a few days and then went missing. One of only 2 birds seen on the holiday.

Hummingbird Hawk Moth seen regularly. It took a very fast shutter speed to freeze frame these smart little insects.

Crested Larks were present in a horse paddock in the hamlet. Around 6 were counted including a juvenile. It took some time to get close to them. I eventually got lucky on a hot day when the birds were panting and seemed hot and reluctant to fly.

Crested Lark

Cirl Buntings outnumbered Yellowhammers here. This one I cheated and tape lured to the camera.