Sidbury Hill 21st February 2016

Seligeria calycina
Seligeria calycina - Grows on chalk stones.

Weissia sterilis
Weissia sterilis - Branched shoots and 1 or more capsule per shoot tip.

Didymodon acutus
Didymodon acutus - Sharply pointed leaves

Pottiopsis caespitosa
Pottiopsis caespitosa - On bare soil on banks. Upper leaves wider than lower leaves.

Pterygoneurum ovatum
Pterygoneurum ovatum - Concave leaves with distinctive hairpoint

Entodon concinnus
Entodon concinnus - Neat looking pleurocarp

Abietinella abietina
Abietinella abietina - leaves appressed to stem when dry

Lophozia perssonii
Lophozia perssonii - Brown gemmae and leaves 90 degrees to the stem