Quantocks Lichens and Bryophytes

Amandinea punctata
Amandinea punctata

  1. Parmotrema perlatum (Underside black with sparse simple rhizines)
  2. Frullania dilatata (Small lobed leaf on underside is rounded unlike other Frullania)
  3. Physcia tenella (Lacking the hood of adscendens on the tips)
  4. Amandinea punctata (Lacks C+ red of L.elaeochroma. Simple spores gave a way the identity)
  5. Orthotrichum affine
  6. Phlyctis argena
  7. Punctelia sp pos subrudecta
  8. Barbula convoluta
  9. Brachythecium rutabulum? (2mm leaves favours the Brachythecium group and being on soil favours B.rutabulum)
  10. Isothecium myosuroides (Grows on tree trunks form thick matts. Removing some you can see that it is tree like)
  11. Pseudoscleropodium purum (Long shoots up to 8cm or more. Single nerve present and green stem are good pointers).
  12. Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus (The Rhytidiadelphus with spiky shoot tips)
  13. Cryphaea heteromalla (Erect shoots on tree branches and capsules on short seta amongst the leaves).
  14. Didymodon fallax (Longer leaves than Barbula and lacking the yellow/green of that species. Lacks the underside contrast between nerve and leaf colour in Trichostomum crispulum).
  15. Gloniopsis praelonga (Looks like lirellate lichen Graphina ruiziana but the muriform ascospores are 22µm long, too short for this species).
  16. Punctelia subrudecta (Medula C+ red, soralia laminal and not marginal).
  17. Campylopus introflexus (This one didn't have the typical hair-point reflex when dry so was identified by habitat, distribution and leaf comparison under the microscope).
  18. Calliergonella cuspidata (The pointed side shoots on the branches give away the identity of this species).
  19. Hypnum cupressiforme (Leaves with no nerve and often with the leaves curling to the underside).