New Forest Lichen January 2016

Lecanactis abietina
Lecanactis abietina - scratches orange (trentepohlia), pycnidia C+ red

Thelotrema lepadinum
Thelotrema lepadinum - Looks a bit like Pertusaria but apothecia are volcano like (see LH side of pic).

Opegrapha prosodea
Opegrapha prosodea - Large 57µm 9-septate spores on this one.

Hypogymnia physodes
Hypogymnia physodes - Hollow thallus showing brown undersides on lobes, black dots are pycnidia with sorediate lobe ends nearby.

Phaeographis dendritica
Phaeographis dendritica

Melanohalea elegantula
Melanohalea elegantula - C- eliminating Melanelixia sp and branch like isidia (see inset).

Lecanographa lyncea
Lecanographa lyncea - lecideine like apothecia with multi-septate spores.

Cladonia portentosa
Cladonia portentosa - Cladonia ciliata var. tenuis is similar but this species has branch tips pointing mainly in one direction.