Escot, Devon Lichen January 2016

Arthonia epiphyscia
Arthonia epiphyscia

Caloplaca cerinella
Caloplaca cerinella with Intralichen christainsenii - Distinctive by being a corticolous lichen with more than 8 spores in the ascus

Scoliciosporum umbrinum
Scoliciosporum umbrinum - multi-septate curved spores are distinctive. Not many lichen grow directly on metal.

Anaptychia ciliaris - Looks like a giant physcia

Candelaria concolor
Candelaria concolor - A tiny yellow corraloid lichen inhabiting tree trunks

Xanthoria polycarpa
Xanthoria polycarpa - Small thallus lobes separate it from the commoner Xanthoria parietina

Pertusaria hymenea
Pertusaria hymenea - with single lecanorine like apothecia

Phlyctis argena
Phlyctis argena - white smooth cracked thallus, infertile with greenish soredia. K+ yellow turning red

Parmelina pastillifera
Parmelina pastillifera - C+ red medulla with bun shaped isidia

Thelopsis rubella
Thelopsis rubella - Found on very old trees on wet rain tracks on the trunks

Evernia prunastri
Evernia prunastri - Grey on upper side, white on underside, net like ridges and antler shaped lobes.

Lecanora barkmaniana
Lecanora barkmaniana - Rare to see it with apothecia

Lecanographa lyncea
Lecanographa lyncea - Easily recognised when familiar with it.