Brecon Beacons Bryophytes, Lichens and Plants March 2016


Pogonatum nanum
Pogonatum nanum - Capsule shape separates from aloides

Cetraria aculeata
Cetraria aculeata - Difficult to separate from C.muricata but branch to 1mm on C.aculeata and 0.5mm on C.muricata

Bartramia pomiformis
Bartramia pomiformis - B.ithyphylla has a colourless leaf base.

Racomitrium sudeticum
Racomitrium sudeticum - Leaf cells put in Racomitrium group, no white hair point, dark colour.

Nardia scalaris
Nardia scalaris - Pull the main leaf back and there is a peg like underleaf exposed. Found growing amongst the Racomitrium above

Pohlia nutans
Pohlia nutans

Brachythecium rivulare
Brachythecium rivulare - Tricky to ID as it had no pleats. Look for absence of fork in costa to separate from Hygrohypnum and check for decurrent leaf base.

Dichodontium palustre
Dichodontium palustre - Squarrose leaves, lighter in colour due to smooth not mamillose cells

Rhizocarpon lecanorinum
Rhizocarpon lecanorinum - Thallus in horseshoe shape around the apothecia, medulla K+ yellow (K+ crimson in R.geographicum)

Platismatia glauca
Platismatia glauca - Frilly looking with isidia or soralia on lobe edges, same colour when wet, underside brown turning black towards the centre.

Cladonia subcervicornis
Cladonia subcervicornis