Heart and dart
Dark arches
Agapeta hamana
Scoparia ambigualis
Shoulder-striped Wainscot
Carcina quercana
Large Yellow Underwing
Galium Carpet
Thyme Pug
Pyrausta ostrinalis
Ostrinia nubilalis
Udea olivalis
Common Emerald
Lesser Yellow Underwing
Privet Hawk-moth
Minor sp
Swallow-tailed Moth
Epiblema Uddmanniana
The Blackneck
Green Carpet
The Flame
Double-striped Pug
Middle-barred Minor
Buff Arches
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Scalloped Oak
Elephant Hawk-moth
Light Arches
Reddish Light Arches
Crambus perlella
The Shears
Mottled Beauty
Cream-spot Tiger
July Highflyer
Barred Yellow
Scarce Footman
Chinese Character
Flame Shoulder
Mullein Wave
Silver-ground Carpet
Yellow Shell
The Clay
Ribband Wave
Coleophora sp.
Hedya nubiferana
Trachycera marmorea
Crescent Dart
Dagger sp.
L-album Wainscot
Homoeosoma sinuella
Pempelia dilutella
Brown Rustic
Scoparia pyralella
Scoparia subfusca
Mottled Rustic
Dingy Shears