Bleadon Hill, North Somerset Lichens and Bryophytes

Rhynchostegium confertum
Rhynchostegium confertum - The shoots tend to have a flat horizontal look with the concave leaves spreading out to the sides.

Lecidella stigmatea
Lecidella stigmatea - There are a lot of lecideine lichens with black plate like apothecia. I started identifying this one by dividing them into spore types to eliminate the septate: Amandinea, Cresponea, Rinodina, Rhizocarpon leaving: Lecidea, Porpidia, Sarcogyne, Tremolechia, Lecidella, Farnoldia and Fuscidea. I then ran through the keys of each group to species level to see if any would fit and came up with Lecidella stigmatea as the best candidate.

Unidentified lirellate lichen. Spores 22x8µm and apothecia up to 1mm long and sessile but looking like the older ones becoming endolithic.

Aster x saligna
Common Michelmas-daisy Aster x saligna - Growing on the side of the road along Roman Road.

Porina linearis
Porina linearis - This one was rather tricky at first as it took several sections before I found out that the spores were 25x5µm 3-septate. Thallus crustose areolate and sunken perithecia on shaded vertical stone on a dry stone wall.

Lecanora crenulata - I didn't actually get this one under the microscope as it looked a dead ringer for Lecanora crenulata.